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Fecha de subida 26 de julio de 2008

Fecha de realización julio 2008

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Nondik gertu Millers, Missouri (United States)

This is the North Loop (6 miles) only of the Whispering Pines trail at Hawn State Park, MO, USA. There is an additional 4 mile South Loop (10 miles total) not shown here.
NOTE: This was recorded July 5th, 2008, and the trails were recently changed somewhat - the initial path is different, as are the two crossings of Pickle Creek.
Most of the trail is well marked, though there are some points where it is difficult to tell what's the trail and what's an intermittent creekbed.
There are several ascents and descents, each with its own view, putting this trail perhaps at the high end of moderate, but there aren't any technically difficult areas. Note that if the creek is very high (springtime, when a snowmelt combines with recent heavy rains) there may be ankle-deep water to cross - the rest of the year, the stones to step on are up out of the water.
There is a campground on about the middle of the trail - check with the ranger if you have more than 6 in your party. There is also a public campground near the trailhead.
Overall, this is a wonderful trail - if you are backpacking, note that there was no water to be seen near the backpacking campground, so fill up first (there is a creek crossing that would be convenient for that).

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Hawn State Park, Whispering Pines, North Loop backpacking campground - a brief look showed NO WATER
Go East for the main trail, go North to get to a backpacking campground - Go East for the main trail, go North to get to a backpacking campground
Trailhead Parking - Trailhead Parking

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