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Nondik gertu: Hutchinson, Pennsylvania (United States)

This hike begins at the gate to Lick Hollow Picnic Area on US 40 east of Uniontown, PA and ends at the Hi-To Bar in Fairchance, PA. From the gate, you go down the paved road and cross the bridge over Lick Run at the bottom and then immediately turn left onto the Pine Knob Trail. Follow PKT all the way to Pine Knob, a high point on Chestnut Ridge from which you can see the USX Tower in Pittsburgh on a clear day. From the Knob, backtrack to Pine Knob Road and follow it to the turnoff (to the right) on White Tail Trail. WTT is followed to a 90 degree left turn in the trail just SE of the Topo-marked high point at 2313. Go right at that point and follow the old logging road downhill to the first obvious left turn on the trail. Follow this trail to the next obvious left turn which takes you out to the rocks. After leaving the rocks, continue downhill to Fairchance

TO TRAILHEAD: From Uniontown, PA, take US 40 East. About 1/2 way up to the top of Chestnut Ridge watch for the Lick Hollow Picnic Area turnoff. The gate there is usually closed. Park outside the gate. This is a shuttle. The other end is in Fairchance, on the eastern end of Elm St, neat the Hi-To Bar.

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