Denbora  8 ordu 10 minutu

Koordenatuak 3529

Noiz igoa 11 de julio de 2016

Noiz egina julio 2016

2.131 m
991 m
16,48 km

Bisitak 1384, kokapena 6

Nondik gertu Radmer an der Hasel, Styria (Austria)

The Eisenerz Alps is a mountain range which forms the southernmost flank of the Ennstal Alps. The main ridge is grassy and pretty easy to hike even though the elevation of its major peaks is not much lower when compared to the other parts of the Ennstal Alps (Gesäuse, Haller Mauern). Hence the trek provides a pleasant hiking alternative to rocky culoirs of neighbouring mountain ranges.

Needless to say that the Eisenerz Alps are much less frequented by hikers than the other parts of the Ennstal Alps. We´ve met only a couple of locals during our dayhike.

There´re no chalets in this part of the mountains yet the basic provisioning (and even accommodation) could be arranged in cozy herdsmen huts.

I list this one as "Difficult" because of its overall lenghth and elevation gain but it could be rather listed in the "Moderate" range.

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