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Denbora mugimenduan  ordu bat

Denbora  2 ordu 20 minutu

Koordenatuak 1406

Noiz igoa 15 de septiembre de 2018

Noiz egina septiembre 2018

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1.556 m
791 m
15,62 km

Bisitak 306, kokapena 9

Nondik gertu Gorgusello, Veneto (Italia)

Gorgusello - Tommasi






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  • bosker7 23-may-2019

    Ibilbide hau egin dut  Gehiago ikusi

    We wanted to follow this trail but we made it only a bit further from the mining site. We are newbies maybe we were to afraid and one car only and a family.

    Also we had wet conditions and the rocks were very slippery, not stones, huge 2m wide rocks in the ground but I didint deflate as we scouted the difficult part first.

    You need clearance and approach angle. There are spare parts visible from a Land Rover hanging on the trees :)

    There is a milky-way around this trail which is also fun, you pass many stone quarries that is an alternative.

    We also wanted to continue the trail to the Monte C... But after Fosse, 3km later the road is blocked with a big 1m stone, only a motorbike can pass.

    We continued on the milky-way but there was a fallen tree and we didn't want to cut it with our small 25cm saw so we abandoned the trail and went to check the Forte Molino and Forte San Marco trails.

    Here are our trails I with pictures available, with humans to estimate the clearance needed and the rock:

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