• argazkia Harbel Savannah Drive
  • argazkia Harbel Savannah Drive
  • argazkia Harbel Savannah Drive
  • argazkia Harbel Savannah Drive
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Noiz igoa 21 de marzo de 2015

Noiz egina marzo 2015

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8 m
16,57 km

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Nondik gertu Sapanwa, Margibi (Liberia)

Note: For this drive, a 4WD vehicle is required.

This is one of the nicest and strangest places around Monrovia: A large savannah with grass and patches of tropical trees. Some zebras, wildebeests or even some elephants would not be out of place, but unfortunately, you will not see any of those.

What you will certainly see if that some people have been turning the patches of trees into burned wasteland as they are turning more and more trees into charcoal. Unfortunately, it's the only source of income for many people in Liberia and as such you can't blame the people trying to earn an income.

But before it's all gone, go and have a look and enjoy the place. It's very easy to do this drive if you have to pick up someone from the airport and have a bit of spare time.

The track is not the only road through the landscape. There are many side roads but many of them end in a village. Explore some of them and enjoy the landscape, but you may need to backtrack a few time to get back on this track.

Please note the indicated waypoint. From Google Earth of some maps, you may get the impression that there is a bridge at that point, but that bridge is no longer suitable for vehicles, hence the detour in this track.

Most of the track is soft sand and you will need to have a car with 4WD and then you are unlikely to get stuck anywhere. Other parts of the track will be surprisingly good quality that you could easily drive at higher speeds.

All and all, enjoy this relatively short trail through the savannah near Harbel.

Broken Bridge

The bridge at this point is broken and can't be passed by cars any more. See the picture

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