1.922 m
143 m
28,19 km

Bisitak 217, kokapena 12

Nondik gertu Exochí, East Macedonia and Thrace (Greece)

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  • argazkia Bogdan H

    Bogdan H 06-ene-2018

    Hey mate! How easy is the trail? Do you have some pictures of the trail available? Thank you for your help!

  • hugues carpentier 06-ene-2018

    Hello, it is an old asphalt road winding through the mountain forest, some portions have a lot of winter damage potholes, ok for any vehicles "slowly" all the way up to the old disused ski resort at about 1760 metres, from there: on the right there is a dirt/rock trail circling around the mountain connecting back to the asphalt road, ok for "city 4x4"', or to the left it is a rock trail climbing up the summit at 1956 metres for 4x4 with good ground clearance and grippy tires only, then turn back the way you came all the way down.
    Start from the town of Akrovouni ( Panagia on the map above???) next to Eleftheroupolis, turn after the fuel station north towards the local football field (ask the locals if unsure) and the first signs for the 'ski resort'.
    From Kaval to the top and back it is about 50 KM, a nice and easy Sunday trip enjoyed by many locals.
    The last portion is sometimes snowed up in the winter, careful fun for 4x4 with grippy tyres or chains. Shovel can be handy! Enjoy

  • argazkia Bogdan H

    Bogdan H 12-ene-2018

    Thank you, Hugues!

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