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Nondik gertu: Nekić, Zadarska (Hrvatska)

Zrmanja River and Krupa are among the most beautiful rivers in Europe. Perfectly clear warm water, spectacular canyon with magnificent waterfalls. They are easy and safe enough for beginner canoeists. But their scenery makes them also very exciting for all river adventurists. It is characteristic for its spring located at the bottom of a very steep, almost 200 m high funnel shape rock called Misije. It flows southward through the narrow and long arable valley. Which encircles the southern end of Velebit through a 200-meter-deep canyon. After it turns westwards, reaches Obrovac, and after a few kilometers flows into the Adriatic sea. Joining in the bay named Novigradsko more.

Old factory












Gravel road


Bridge 2


Stone bridge


gravel road

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  • argazkia robertbecker8

    robertbecker8 19-ago-2019

    Ibilbide hau egin dut  egiaztatua  Ikusi gehiago

    Trail entrance easy to find, there are some exceptional waypoints like the old aluminum factory or the narrow bridge.
    First part of the trail is easy enough to drive, but the second half along the river (on the dam) is more difficult. Parts of the dam are missing, creating huge holes, the dam is very high in the middle and the sides have a lot of erosion, so you need at least 20 cm of ground clearance! You cannot maneuver around the high middle parts because the dam is just barely wide enough for one vehicle.

    Did it with a stock XC90, the AWD system didn't kick in once.

    I couldn't find any campsites along the trail, we stayed on a field at the end of the trail.

    All in all, very nice experience!

    I definitely recommend the first part until you are on the tarmac road again, then take this road to the end of the trail instead of the dam and see the scenery on foot.

    If you are more adventurous or have a vehicle with a lot of ground clearance / skid plates, you can drive over the dam.

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