Nada Al Assaad Kivelä

Nada Al Assaad Kivelä


I am a Public Relations Professional and a Certified International Nordic Walking Association (INWA) Nordic Walking Instructor and Nordic Walking for Wellness Team Leader and Biodiversity Conservation Artist-Calligrapher.

I would like to encourage as many people in the UAE and the Arab World aside from the rest of the world through my website : to learn about the packed with Health benefits all in one full body workout fitness sport of Nordic Walking which originated from Finland, a easy as walking and as effective as jogging without placing too much pressure on your knees and joints. Nordic Walking is a fun and social outdoors sport for all ages. You are welcome to join our training, then to join out Group Walks in the parks and in ecotourism and wellness destinations to practice Nordic Walking with care to our Planet's biodiveristy. Follow our News & Updates at : My training sessions are based on the International Nordic Walking Association (INWA’s) unique 10 Steps TM Teaching method based on three essential elements of the Correct Posture, Walking Technique and Use of Poles.

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